Marti Mardi Gras

Meet my newest baby ...

Marti took about 13 hours to be "born".  She is over 14 inches long, and she is bigger than Meri because I doubled the yarn.
The pattern is courtesy of The Friendly Red Fox  at
While she is not for sale, there may be sisters waiting for those who desire. Send me an email to discuss if interested.
Nana Jojo

Meri the Mermaid

Welcome to the first post of my new venture!

I recently completed the above doll (pattern courtesy of The Friendly Red Fox  at This handcrafted beauty now belongs to my granddaughter, but, if you would like to commission one similar to the above doll, please send me an email ( with preferred colors.  She is about 14 inches in length. I am asking $50 (via Paypal) for your very own custom handmade, crochet doll.